Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 19 & 20

Weeks 19 & 20...

Well we were going to find out what baby was in week 18, but Spencer decided to make a trip down to Las Vegas to do some
interviewing. That went well for him, he worked his charm, but no job offer yet... there are alot of things to consider, even if he were to get a job offer from them tomorrow. I'm glad he went down for the experience though. We spent an awesome weekend in Bear Lake over my 19 week mark. Raspberries up to your eyelids!!! It was a very fun weekend. Spencer even had some fun with my cousins and family on the new go-cart raceway in Garden City! During the next week, I got to paint the windows at our Pocatello Branch - the second time in my ICCU career. I actually only painted one window... but it was 9 feet tall! We did this for Welcome Back Orange and Black, rallying in the new ISU season. Well, on August 17th we found out we're having a BOY! We are so excited! Spencer and I were in shock... we really thought it was a girl (we weren't wishing, but if we had to take a guess, that's what we would have said). But we couldn't be happier! Everything is going great - our little guy is kicking constantly and it was so cute to see him move around on the ultrasound.

Here's a picture of the cute display I came home to on my kitchen counter! Thanks Rachel & Emily!!!

I was really sad when I found out that I could have had the whole sonogram on DVD :( My radiologist gal didn't mention it, nor did my doc or nurse. I was even sadder when I sent my sweet baby pictures through the heat laminater and lost the images forever!!!! I'm being dramatic, because the doctors office has printed me off new ones and I will go pick them up tomorrow... but still, I was sick! I thought I was being smart, trying to preserve the first images of my baby the best way I could think of... little did I know that they would be melted into a non-baby-showing black image of death!

Well, I'll get those pictures back tomorrow and show all of you his royal en-utero-cuteness soon!

Oh - and another fun activity to bring in week 20... stock car races at the Pocatello Raceway!!! The car fumes and burnt rubber smell may not have been the best venue for a prego lady, but at least it was outdoors.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 18

Gas bubble? No... no, that's something different. People most commonly refer to their first lil' feelings of the baby's movement as a "fluttering" or like butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling. To me if feels like a twitch. Like one of those involuntary muscle spasms you get... only this one's in your gut!

This has been a huge source of happiness for the past few days! I was caught smiling goofily in the middle of a conversation today at work, because I could feel the babes!

I've felt very very happy during this whole experience. I don't know if it's the extra hormones, yet I haven't been to weepy, but I'm just HAPPY! I've been thinking alot about all the things that make me happy right now, so I felt like writing them down.

Cali's HAPPY things:
  • Baby "twitches"
  • Being a care-free, non-confrontational person
  • Sewing baby things
  • Painting with a purpose
  • The new (but very old) pea-green box that my I inherited (took from my parent's house)
  • Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass" - I blast my radio when it comes on!
  • Thinking about all the things that my HF has blessed me with
  • Shaved Ice - Tiger's Blood
  • Texting during work... that's bad, but don't take it away from me - it makes me happy!
  • Late night walks with my soul-mate
  • Thinking about the fact that I'll know what baby is in another week!
  • My vivid pregnancy dreams... though some have been lil' nightmares, so those ones are not good, but most are
  • Spencer's Salsa Shack
  • The happiness Bruce brings to my hubby (not the actual dog, he gives me more grief than happiness)
  • Calendars... I need one in every room

Week 17

Definitely the most significant happening of week 17 of my pregnancy is that I had a new nephew brought into the world! My awesome brother Chase is now a daddy! Tae is the cutest little mommy you can imagine and that little guy is so SO precious! I couldn't use a better word than beautiful when I first saw him. So cute!

We went for a camp-out with our friends over my 17 week mark. (Emily - thanks for the post so I could steal the pics). It is always fun getting together with people and chatting around a fire til the early hours of the morning! We didn't sleep at our campsite with everyone else though - Spencer woke early to do his Salsa Shack at the Farmer's Market, and I headed off to Provo to see my new sobrino!

I'm an excellent Jiffy Pop popper!

The Girls! - - Lindsey - - Angela - - Emily - Me

The Boys! - - Brooks - Alan - Heath - Spencer

Angela-3 months, Cali-4 months, Emily-6 months
Hmm... I'm ready for my baby bump now. I know I may not be wishing that in a few months, but right now, I FEEL pregnant, I AM pregnant, and I LOVE being pregnant! So, I want to LOOK pregnant too!