Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hickups and Insomnia

After laying in bed for about 45 minutes and monitoring my baby's every movement, I decided to just get up for a little bit. Counting Jett's hickups is not the same as counting sheep I guess. I don't think I've mentioned his name before, but we are pretty set on it... Jett Spencer Ward. It was pretty official once we put it on the back of the invite for my baby shower yesterday. My mom and sister threw me a great friend baby shower. I love having friends from different parts of my life come together in one place - so fun! I didn't get the pictures from my mom, so they'll be on here soon, but here's a picture of the invitation. I provided the design, mom and Court did everything else. Thanks guys!
On the back it included a poem which read,
From Peter Rabbit to Mother Goose
Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss
Curious George and Winnie the Pooh

Eloise and Barbar, too.

In lieu of a card, please bring

your favorite childhood classic.

Let's build a library for Jett
that will be fantastic!
I didn't make it up - but I loved it! Thanks everyone who came and got to share in some baby fun!

I'm also very excited for the shower my sisters-in-law are throwing me next week for family. It will be super cute I'm sure.

Lots of happenings lately. October has flown past us and we're into November nearly a week now. I haven't been great about taking pictures, but I'll highlight on a few key points: Spencer was busy with Highmark Farms for the month of October, driving potato/beet truck 12+ hours 6x a week. This left me the much needed time to get Jett's crib bedding done. I'll post a picture of the finished nursery soon... but it's not quite there yet. A few more wall hangings and it should be ready.

I was able to attend the baby shower(s) of my 3 Howard cousins in October too! They are due in November, December and January. So here we are in all our glory!
{Tara Green, Tristan Neider, Taunie Bailey, Cali Ward}
Tae and Chase were able to come down this weekend too, which is always fun, especially so we can see little Beckham grow week by week. Chase helped my parents rid themselves of a virus filled computer (they just need to get a Mac and they'd never have a problem).

The next week, I was able to do some needed shopping in Idaho Falls with my momma. I got various things: crib mattress, new maternity dress, select items for Jett, and mom treated me to a purchase at VS! The girls have grown.... hopefully they'll shrink with the rest of me after this baby is born. It's often a natural occurrence from breastfeeding and I plan on pumping with the best-of-em!

I was also able to attend the 1 year birthday party of the smiliest baby I've ever known! Thanks for the invite Linda - Jaden is one cute kid!

Another thing I was able to finish while Spencer was busy with harvest was our office Halloween costumes. Idaho Central always lets it's employees show off their costumes a bit by having a small gathering in our large conference room and looking at each department. We were Angry Birds! We even did a little skit to display our anger!
It was pretty fun! The costume masks were constructed out of foam core, a bit of paint, painted felt for the beaks, electrical tape and an elastic band to secure it. Can you believe we didn't win best costume? It's rigged I tell you... people expect this display of awesomeness from the marketing department, so they don't reward us for our efforts... I'm not bitter at all...

I know there's a picture out there of Spencer's Halloween costume, I don't have a picture of it handy, but I'll be sure to post one here. He made great use of his facial hair he grew out during October.

Well... it's now been two hours since I woke up... maybe I'll attempt to get some more sleep, though I have my doubts. So much for an extra hour to sleep in before church (Daylight Savings).