Thursday, March 8, 2012

From Fort Collins to Denver!

The adventures have continued here in Colorado with Jett and Spencer. We established a routine while staying at the hotel which included: sleeping in an extra hour or two after Spenc headed off to Verizon, eating breakfast while watching the View, going on a nice walk outside or down on the treadmill if the weather was too cold. We'll play in the afternoon and I've done alot of drawing while Jett has napped.

This trip has been a nice little vacation, but we are all excited to get back home. Our time here was alot of fun though, especially the time I was able to spend with Sarah in Fort Collins. Spencer had to go back to Idaho and work in the Pocatello store Friday and Monday, so Jett and I were able to spend February 23rd through the 29th with the Tanners. We started our week together off right by going to IKEA! It was my first experience and I'll tell you, I loved every bit of it! I love little things to decorate and accent rooms, I wish I had a whole room to put together and a large budget to do it! But... I did buy a rolling pin, much needed chip clips, and a cute lil' shelf for Jett's room.

The weather was lovely while in Fort Collins, and we took the boys to the playground nearby while. A good walk always puts Jett right to sleep, especially with a few bumps to rock him.

Sarah took me to see the organic farm that she and her boys work on. She will soon be milking this cow (she's pregnant right now) and drinking its milk... ugh... I think she's especially excited about making her own butter. She's really into organic stuff and this is a great way for her to get some good produce and teach her boys how to work hard.

The boys had a good time playing in the dirt, doing what boys do best - getting dirty. I snapped this picture, snickering the view of Bennett's little plumber :)

The boys were great with Jett and loved bringing him toys and shaking them above his head. Jett has become much more vocal over the past few weeks, cooing and talking when he's talked to, smiling at you and moving all around excitedly.

We were excited when Spencer came back to us. He and Abe were able to go to a Nugget's game. They had great seats! This is them standing in front of their seats. It was a great game! Sarah and I hung out at the hotel, the boys had a blast in the pool and we played a game of Rhumecube.

We have now created a tradition with the Tanners that we go out to the places that Man vs. Food had visited when we are with them. When Spencer visited on his own, he tackled the West End Tavern's wing challenge in Boulder. Last time we indulged on Buejo's Pizza in Fort Collins. And this time we visited Jack-n-Grill, where they have a 7 lb burrito! It's bigger than Jett when he was born! He didn't finish of course... he's a little more health conscious these days, but it made for great pictures and a good story.

I discovered the Park Meadows mall this week and did some perusing of my own. Thankfully Nordstroms had a great women's lounge, so we were able to prolong our stay there :) I found cute new things for Jett and spoiled myself a little bit too.

We are excited to come back home and get back to real life. We are especially excited to meet up with family and friends with Jett and show everyone how big he has gotten and share his sweet little personality.