Saturday, January 4, 2014


How do I sum up an entire year?
                       ... In a list of highlights that I can remember!!!

  • Spencer and I spent our 5 year anniversary in Vegas. We ate, we walked, we conquered! I talked Spencer into seeing "O" and it was the best part of the trip for each of us.
  • We decided we needed another member of our family and, same as with Jett, were pregnant without a chance to second guess ourselves. We let our families know on Valentine's Day (also Spencer's birthday).
  • Spencer spent 6 months training for a Spartan Beast race in Midway UT. It was quite the challenge, even without the 100+ degree weather! I was so proud of him for his accomplishment that we have both signed up for it in 2014 too. Here's to another 6 months of training for the both of us!
  • A good deal of early summer was spent in Bear Lake. Nucleane, Spencer's cleaning business, was busy keeping the Worldmark by Windham resort staffed with extra cleaners for the busy season. He cleaned a few cabins down there too. Since about August, he has pulled most of his business from BL and decided to just focus on Pocatello commercial cleaning.We didn't ski or get out on the water as much as we wanted to this summer, but there will be more time for that.
  • My Grandma Ann passed away in August. She had a short, but painful fight with kidney cancer. She is dearly missed. We treasure the times we had, and I'm so glad that I grew up close to her that I can remember all of those memories together. I often think it's not fair that she had to go the way she did, or that she had to go at all. She was one of the most hardworking women I've ever known and the sweetest, most loving grandma anyone could ask for.
  • I've gotten a couple illustration jobs this year and a few that could be fruitful on the horizon. I wish I could do more, but I know that there is nothing more important than these two little boys.
  • Briggs Karl Ward was born September 30, 2013. He is already getting so big! He's a particular little fellow, who likes his mom and has a cry that could wake a sleeping giant!  But he is happy and loves to play and smile. He loves being talked to and held.
  • Jett loves being a big brother and loves Briggs. He likes to tickle his own chin with Briggs' hair (which he had alot of when he was born). He talks so well and has grown up so much this year. He loves to play and run. We had an awesome Elmo Birthday party for his 2nd birthday! He was spoiled rotten by friends and family! I was happy to throw him a fun party that he can look back on one day. Cute cute cute! He is talking so well, knows his colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. He has moved into his big boy bed and we see potty training on the horizon.
  • The holidays were a blast with our kids. Busy and full of family, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
  • We are expecting big things in 2014, some of which are:  the Spartan race for which both spencer and I will be training, potty training, losing baby weight, working on and hopefully publishing my first children's book, more business for Nucleane, and a whole lot of fun with our little Ward family!

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  1. loved reading this and hearing how your family is!