Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adventures in Denver

Spencer, Jett and I have made our new home in a Denver Marriott hotel room for 4 weeks. We've nearly been here a full week, and so far so good. Jett and I get to hang out all day, sleep in, and go on walks - luckily Denver is one of the sunniest places in the US. It's been beautiful! Perfect light jacket/stroller weather.

We were a bit worried about traveling because Jett seemed to be coming down with a cold on top of still being fussy from his 2 month shots he got 2/10/11. We lost a little more sleep those few days, but he started feeling better just in time.

The trip here couldn't have gone much better! Security was a little hectic, cuz he was ready to nurse, but the Idaho Falls airport wasn't busy, and there were nice people who helped us. Jett slept through the whole flight in my arms and snoozed in the shuttle from the airport to hotel too. :)

The Tanner family (Spencer's sister)lives in Fort Collins, so they are so excited that we are so close for a whole month. Sarah and Abe even brought us a vehicle for the week (and most importantly, to come to visit them on the weekends). Tuesday we went to the Denver Mint! It was very educational. Coins are cool! I think I liked seeing the architectural restoration in the last few minutes of the tour best. Cool chandeliers, stone floors & pillars, and beautiful murals near the exit.

It was also Valentine's Day, and Spencer's birthday this week. So after the Mint, we waited for Spencer to get out of his training, then we made our way to Pizza Republica with the Tanners. My sweetheart gave me an awesome display of chocolate when we were in Idaho. Plus we spoiled ourselves with a brand new hp printer - so nice!
Here's our cute family at our Valentine's dinner.

I've got my happy baby back, that's for sure! He is so sweet. He still has a little bit of a runny nose, but if he's not hungry (the only time that he's ever upset) he'll smile at me even when I'm sucking his nose out with one of those suction bulbs.
This picture was taken right before we went out on a nice long walk to McDonald's (gotta have my Diet Coke). He's such a happy napper!

Here's more proof of my sweet little napper. He's been sleeping against my chest as I've been blogging. Love him!

I've also gotten on the Instagram bandwagon. I guess it's kinda like pintrest or somthing, in that you can follow people and put all kinds of pictures on there. But I like it because it offers a few quick photoshop-like tools. (Seen in the last three photos). So I just use it for that. Fun!

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